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Our Custom Design Studio can transform your imaginings into unique flooring to fit your space. Our artists take a creative approach to designing one-of-a-kind, custom solutions for your hotel or hospitality space. Whatever pattern you can imagine, we can create.

Our CDS team has a variety of carpet construction types to translate these concepts into flooring for you. We can use the following seven tools to build custom solutions for you. 


Our Multi-Tuft tool can create flooring patterns using two-three colors, typically used for guest rooms. This budget-friendly option uses an all loop construction and can support patterns of any length.

For our Multi-Tuft tool, we require a 500 SQ yard minimum for 12 FT width products. 

MLCL-Multi-Level Cut Loop

MLCL offers loop and cut capabilities, giving you more options for the finish of your floor. This construction also supports two-three color patterns for more budget-friendly spaces, such as guestrooms or certain public spaces.
Again, for MLCL, we require a 500 SQ yard minimum for 12 FT width products. 

Color Point

Our Color Point construction supports up to six colors and is typically seen in public spaces or high-end hospitality suites. This construction allows us to create a sculpted, textured carpet using varied pile height capabilities.

One common use for this construction is Carpet to Fit in large, public spaces such as a ballroom. Using this Color Point, we are able to build seamless, sweeping patterns using large sections of carpet, and creating effortless transitions from room to room. 

Tailor Tuft

Using our Tailor Tuft construction, we can execute and create extremely detailed patterns, all the way down to single pixel details. This construction is ideal for high-end public spaces or rugs for guestrooms or in luxury suites. Tailor Tuft’s tip-shearing technology results in plush, detailed, and sculpted surfaces.

Using Tailor Tuft, we can support up to four color choices for intricate patterns. 

CYP-Computer Yarn Placement

This 100% cut-loop construction offers three different faceweight options for greater versatility in durability and plusher textures. CYP is ideal for higher-end spaces, such as public gathering spaces and executive suites.

Using CYP, you can select up to eight color choices with a 200 SQ yard minimum.

Print (16-dpi)

Our high-end print constructions create versatile patterns using up to ten colors. These patterns can be printed on a variety of bases from all cut to cut/loop for textures and subtle patterns.

This construction is available in a 200 SQ yard minimum for greater flexibility.


CANVAS (76-dpi)

Our state of the art Canvas construction uses advanced color printing technology to create photoreal designs or subtle watercolor effects. This technology creates images with high detail and contrast, avoiding any color bleed issues.

With this construction, you are able to use thousands of colors to create the perfect pattern. Canvas can be used to create carpet tile or broadloom, with a 200 SQ yard minimum.


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